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Pink Pearls Amsterdam

Linkplaza for lesbian women in Europa

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Welcome to Pink Pearls Amsterdam! This social network aims to connect lesbian women in and outside of the Netherlands. Pink Pearls Amsterdam organizes group travel , informs and entertains through Pink Pearls Magazine, and wants to be a platform for women seeking for love and friendship. » Read more about Pink Pearls Amsterdam

Greta Grabo

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Pink Pearls 3Step Match: the new dating with guarantee and safety

To give an impression of how we want to design our dating site and protect our users, we have done some research into the advantages and disadvantages of internet dating. As our target group consists of women only, we listened to stories of women with experience in this area. It soon became clear that it’s essential to keep control over the registrations. That’s the reason why women who want to join Pink Pearls 3Step Match must send us a valid ID before they are able to use the site. Unfortunately, a profile picture is not enough to keep a dating site pure for its target group.

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