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Pink Pearls Magazine Issue Nr. 1

presents the European lesbian scene

Portrait: Miri

Miri is a 31-year-old artist from East London, talented in the area of film as well as music. Right now, she focuses on a career in the music business. However, what she finds most important is passion in her work and happiness in her life.

~ By Jolanda Groot

The family Miri grew up in was focused on around business as well as creativity. Her hobbies are film, art & exhibitions and reading. She studied film at the age of 16 and produced a short film in which the soundtrack was noticed by the music industry. She was also already interested in music back then and recorded two self-written songs for the film. She presented them to her mentor and singing teacher Howard, who had contact with an A&R man at a music publishing company. He was very interested in signing Miri. However, this never manifested, but the experience did make Miri really focus on a music career.

Miri is not a typical pop diva, because she doesn’t dress extravagantly and there are no juicy stories in the tabloids to give her career a boost. Her music speaks for itself, which also appears from her debut album Canvas  that takes the listener on an auditive trip full of hypnotizing beats and angelic singing.

Miri’s characterizing attraction comes from her appearance, her voice and her songs. Her songs are a mixture of alternative pop music, soul and Indie music. Her husky voice is also compared to artists like Macy Gray and Feist.

Creative process

In the last months, Miri has been really busy with the creative process of making music. In her younger years there were times when she had been too influenced by what other people expected from her instead of satisfying herself. She realized she became very busy pleasing others in the music she was creating. Now she is happier with her musicical direction and process. She writes all the songs herself, but is absolutely open to a good song written by somebody else. She would usually start the creative process with an arrangement based on drums, piano and any other sounds that took her fancy and after she adds vocals and plays around with backing vocals. Now she mainly writes with her keyboard, first she plays the notes, then she sings and writes the lyrics.

Miri gets inspired by Chris Martin of Coldplay. She likes his voice and lyrics. She is also touched by the music of David Gray. Soul artists like Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding are also a source of inspiration.

At this moment she is recording new material with Nick Harris from Spare Room Recording, and has featured on tracks for amongst others Reggae Dub act, Avatar and Electro Pop German producer Eric Crusher. She has written for music production company The Cutting Suite and various other artists and producers.

Lesbian scene

Her first performance was in 1998 in the London hip hop and r&b scene. Since several years, she has played in the lesbian scene. This happened after a friend at the Candy Bar asked her if she wanted to perform at a live music night held there. Her show made it a very special evening, one of many that followed. She has been announced as ´ artist of the month’ on the site of Peter Gabriel, ‘We7’ Here, her music can also be bought and downloaded. As an upcoming lesbian and bisexual icon in the London gay scene, she was already interviewed by the popular lesbian/bisexual magazine G3 and labeled as ‘promising talent’.


How does she consider her future? She always wants to keep developing herself as an artist and a songwriter, grow creatively, sell CDs, write songs for other artists and enjoy sold-out performances. She also wants to be involved with films and acting again. However, the most important thing for her is to be happy in what she does and being able to work on projects she feels passionate about. Besides, she wants to go on tour in the future to connect directly to her fans by performing for them. At this moment, Miri keeps in contact with her fans through Facebook and the social music network Flowd but she prefers personal contact through performances.


On 9th May Miri performed at 'Blue Monday' a lesbian and bisexual live music night she co promotes at The Boogaloo and on 19th June she will be playing on the main stage at GOGO Festival in Kent (

Would you like to get an impression of Miri´s lovely music, please click the next link:

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