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Pink Pearls Magazine Issue Nr. 2

presents the European lesbian scene

The Moral Princesses being subpoenad in summary proceeding

Figureheads from the Dutch lesbian community join an anonymous group and act like a judge.

On Friday the 6th of January 2012 the anonymous group of young lesbian entrepreneurs ´The Moral Princesses´from Amsterdam will be subpounad in summary
proceeding. They called themselves StopFakeGarbo (StopNamaakGarbo) and during nine months they have been active on Facebook and Hyves to conduct their smear
campaign against Garbo Amsterdam (now called Pink Pearls Amsterdam). The requirements in interlocutory proceeding are rectifications on their business
websites and in Zij aan Zij magazine.

~ By Annelies Hintjes

Smear campaign
 During this sitting, Pink Pearls Amsterdam will refute all arguments which were inserted by The anonymous Group The Moral Princesses by supporting documents.By posting these false arguments, The Moral Princesses deceived and cheated thousands of women. Besides, Pink Pearls Amsterdam was put in an unfavourablelight. This misrepresentation not only brought a bad reputation for Pink Pearls, but was also not based on reliable information.

Institutions and organizations and their doubtful role
Institutions, organizations and public persons out of the Amsterdam lesbian community played a role within this smear campaign by supporting The MoralPrincesses for nine months without hearing the other side´s story. The accusations of The Moral Princesses were accepted as being the absolute truth, but infact there were no pieces of evidence to underpin these arguments. Therefore, the arguments´ incredibleness increased day by day. These institutions andpublic persons enjoyed much confidence from many lesbian women, so these lesbians also joined the smear campaign without actually realizing what they supported and how much they harmed Pink Pearls in this action. Due to the public persons´ support to this smear campaign, it has scored a great success. Last months, Pink Pearls attempted to hold a conversation with these institutions and responsible public persons, but up to now, they have evaded the discussion.They simply deny that Pink Pearls has been pushed off the lesbian market.

LesbIcoon 2011
Some tried to disguise this collective exclusion from the lesbian market by inviting Pink Pearls to join the election LesbIcoon 2011. Pink Pearls deserved well by organizing activities for lesbian women. Pink Pearls actually intended to organize Women Only parties in Amsterdam and trips to the Eressos festivals on Lesbos, but since July 2011, all business activities have been delayed. Therefore this invitation is overtly disgusting. Pink Pearls has the conviction that whoever the brain behind this smear campaign might be, in case women would have acted in a professional way, the collective exclusion of Pink Pearls would never have been established. In summary proceeding, Pink Pearls will ask for explanation and accountability to those who were involved in the smear campaign and who also damaged the image of the whole lesbian community. The lesbian figureheads obviously never wondered why the Goddess and Symbol of Dutch Justice is wearing a blindfold.

The German entrepreneur
In the Netherlands, an inquiry has been set up into a German entrepreneur who is responsible for spreading a press release within the European lesbian community. In this report, Pink Pearls is misrepresented once again. The reader of this press release is referred to the smear campaign in The Netherlands.The German entrepreneur spreaded the press release by email on behalf of The Lesbian Veterans from Skala Eressos. This just as well anonymous group threatened Pink Pearls to such a serious extent, that an oncoming trip to Lesbos in September 2011 had to be cancelled on police recommendation. The cancellation also implicated the rip-off for 21 women who already booked their holiday.

Positive image
Pink Pearls Amsterdam intends to connect lesbians and to promote perceptibility within the lesbian community. For this reason it is very important that all negative and subjective reporting about the former name Garbo Amsterdam and the current name Pink pearls Amsterdam will be vitiated a.s.a.p. within the European lesbian community. Pink Pearls Amsterdam hopes this summary proceeding will erase the bad image which did much harm to the lesbian community. All entrepreneurs are being served by a positive image and satisfied consumers.

After judgement in this summary proceeding Pink Pearls will give comment.

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