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Pink Pearls Magazine Issue Nr. 2

presents the European lesbian scene

Pink Party Maastricht

On Saturday 9 April, Pink Pearls Amsterdam was at the Pink Party Maastricht, an event that is organized by the COC Limburg for over 33 years.

~ By Annelies Hintjes

We spoke with Hans Janssen, COC Limburg secretary, who once started as a volunteer and is connected to this foundation for more than 25 years. Hans told us that the first Pink Party took place in 1978 in the PvdA building ‘Sterren der Toekomst’. Pink Party’s are mixed parties for gays and lesbians in and around Limburg to stimulate the integration of this group.

In 2011, the parties in Limburg are renewed in several ways, but the original familiar atmosphere is still there. Since a couple of years, the parties take place in La Bonbonnière in Maastricht. This place has three big rooms, which enables several DJs to play different kinds of music. This concept is not only much appreciated in the scene in Limburg, but also in Belgium and Germany!

COC Limburg wants to attract as many people as possible, also from the north of The Netherlands. Pink Pearls meets this wish by organizing a long weekend to Maastricht and Valkenburg on 7, 8 and 9 October. On Saturday 8 October we’ll go to Pink Party Maastricht. The events are always very busy, so it’s recommended to buy a ticket in advance.

Daan (20 from Maastricht) thinks it's a super party with a great variety in music."Contact with others is easiest with a beer in the hand"

Ingmar(40 from Helmond) likes going to a mixed party for gays and lesbians.'' Good concept !''

Ankie (22 ) likes to make contact through the music on the dance floor.''The open atmosphere is the way to get to know other people."

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