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Pink Pearls Amsterdam

Linkplaza for lesbian women in Europa

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Pink Pearls Magazine Issue Nr. 3

presents the European Lesbian scene


Because of the ambiguity the name Garbo has caused in the branch we move in, we have decided to start the new year with a new name: Pink Pearls Amsterdam! Our web designers have worked hard to transform the site of Garbo Amsterdam into as quickly and smoothly as possible and they’ve done really well, thank you for that!

In our third magazine, I’d like to go a bit deeper into our leading vision as an undertaker for this target group. Emancipation is an important theme. I remember the days in which news from the scene came to us through a simple paper newsletter. For the rest we were depending on word-of-mouth communication within a relatively small scene that only slowly became more open.

Meanwhile, many things have changed. Magazines, organizations, foundations, associations and commercial initiatives have contributed to the fact that lesbian women now are much more out in the open and able to communicate and debate with each other. This is something we can all be very proud of. Pink Pearls Amsterdam would like to be part of this group of successful undertakers with an elaborate package of services and products working so hard on the visibility and acceptance of lesbian women. Let’s, with each of us our own services and products, work together for all these women and try to give our branch a good image. After all, we all have the same goal: with a lot of quality and energy inform, entertain and connect lesbian women throughout the world.

However, we do not only make a stand for lesbian and bisexual women; transgender women cannot be forgotten either. Take Alice Verheij, writer for Pink Pearls Amsterdam Magazine and a transgender herself. I’ve got to know her as a warm personality, who puts a lot of energy in the acceptance of transgenders. Together we have come to the conclusion that even if these women have a name in society, their acceptance and emancipation is still far away. With our activities, Pink Pearls Amsterdam wants to help and work on this. We will hear more about Alice in the future, and I can assure you that this will not be about clothes or appearance.

Finally, I would like to point out again our spectacular low budget offer to Lesbos. I hope that the fine Greek island will overflow with women in May and September and that the local economy will work overtime while you enjoy a lovely holiday. Anyway, I hope to meet many of you on Lesbos this year!

Annelies Hintjes

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