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Pink Pearls Magazine Issue Nr. 3

presents the European Lesbian scene

Pink Pearls Travel is going low budget to Lesvos this year

Price list May and September Lesvos,Skala Eressos

Book our low budget offer for a flight and tranfers to Lesvos(Skala Eressos) in May or September for just 419 euros. The total price of your holiday can be found here below. We bring you in direct contact with the providers and the discounts apply only when you make your booking through Pink Pearls Travel.
Pink Pearls Travel has no commercial interest in the festivals. Wij offer group holidays to these destinations and we can take part in various excursions for a good price with groups. We also organize some activities of our own.

~ By Annelies Hintjes

Room prices for holidays Lesvos (May 13 to May 27)


Single room (two weeks)
Flights, transfers and accommodation for two weeks from 699, - per person.

Double room (two weeks)
Flights, transfers and accommodation for two weeks from 629, - per person. (Entry for 2 people)


Room prices for Lesvos holiday (September 2 to September 16)


Single (one week)
Flights, transfers and accommodation for one week from 594, - per person.

Single (two weeks)
Flights, transfers and accommodation for two weeks from 769, - per person.
Double (one week)
Flight transfers and accommodation for one week starting from 544.- per person. (Entry for 2 people)

Double (two weeks)
Flights, transfers and accommodation for two weeks from 664, - per person. (Entry for 2 people)
The above prices are for accommodation in a simple room with refrigerator, private bathroom with shower and toilet, balcony or veranda. This offer can be given while supplies last.
It is also possible in a hotel, studio or apartment to stay. For this we charge a small fee, which will depend on the selected room type. These prices are available on request.

Book your holiday through this link.

Pink Pearls Travel

All information is subject to price changes and typing errors.

What else is in this issue?


Making new contacts through holidays, parties and lesbian entrepreneurs

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Carmen Lothmann didn't let her mother stop her

Carmen Lothmann is forty-two, and born in the catholic Bergstein, a village near the city of Düren. She grew up in a very traditional family. » Read more


Chantalle Smeets and Martiene Stevens

That we are known as artistic and professional women within the lesbian community, fills us with pride and makes us happy. The question and answer sessions from the previous magazines have already contributed to this.… » Read more


Festival report 2012 of the International Eressos Women's Festival on Lesbos

In September, this year, hundreds of lesbian and bisexual women visited the International Eressos Women’s Festival on Lesbos, organised for the 12th time by the Greek organiser Sappho Women. Women from all over the world… » Read more


Pink Pearls Amsterdam is entering into an unique collaboration with = Magazine.

A fresh wind is blowing through the Dutch lesbian scene! With great pride we announce that we are putting our gay heads together with Hollands latest lesbian glossy which is diligently created by the former… » Read more

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