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Pink Pearls Magazine Issue Nr. 3

presents the European Lesbian scene


In this section, we ask lesbian women from all over Europe how they experienced their coming-out. Wanna tell your story? Mail us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
In this edition: Michaela Fesser from Austria.

~ By Annelies Hintjes

How old are you and where are you from?
I am 41 years old and I come from Austria.
What do you do in daily life?
I’m working as a psychiatric nurse. I’m mainly working with older people who need help at home. In the time I have left, I am a photographer.
Are you in a relationship at the moment or are you single?
I have been in a relationship with a woman for six years now.
When did you find out you had feelings for women and what did you do?

It was 1996 when I found out I had special feelings for women. At that time, I lived at the Lake of Constance in Vorarlberg. I wanted to meet other lesbians, but that was very hard in that place or its surroundings. There were hardly any places to go to or activities to undertake in this area.
How is that now?
For me, it’s a bit better now. I live in a town with approximately 120.000 inhabitants and there is a center for lesbian women.
How did your family and friends react to your coming-out?

My father was very pleased, because he’s gay himself! My mother is a very friendly woman; she’s always been nice about it. And as far as the rest of my family is concerned: they live 500 kilometers away from my new hometown, and I only visit them once a year. So, it’s not too much of an issue what they think about it.
How did you handle your coming-out? Was it very serious or could you also use some humor?

As far as I’m concerned, coming-out is a lifelong process that never ends. Heterosexual people always think that everybody around them is also heterosexual, which is why gay people always have to adjust their opinions. I think it’s very tiring to explain over and over again that you’re gay.
Has you life changed after your coming-out
Sure! Even if it’s not always easy to be gay, I feel freer than before on a personal level.
Would you like to say something to women who are in the process of coming out now?

I think that the most important thing is to feel well. Don’t do anything you don’t want to. Listen to yourself, and don’t listen to other people’s advices and opinions too much!

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